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If you are an annual financial member of the Lincoln University Alumni Association (LUAA),  please remember that  dues expire on Dec 31 – and dues are not prorated. 

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Alumni Association Purpose

The purpose and objectives for which the corporation is organized is to:

  • Assist the University in carrying out its mission

  • Encourage the attendance of qualified students at Lincoln University

  • Assist in securing adequate funds for the operation and development of the University

  • Assist in advancing the standards of post-secondary education at the University

  • Support charitable, educational, cultural, patriotic, literary and scientific aims, purposes and programs of the University

Alumni Association Membership Qualification

The Lincoln University Alumni Association, Inc. consists of:

  • The Executive Board
    (Nationally elected officers:   president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer)
    Only members who are graduates of the university are eligible to hold a national office.

  • The Board of Directors
    (National officers plus the presidents or elected representatives of all active chapters.)
    Each member of the Board of Directors must be a member in good standing.

  • All members in good standing
    Current financial membership at the Chapter and National levels


National Alumni Association Dues

  • Individual membership  -  $50 per year

  • Associate Membership - $50 per year

  • Silver Life Membership (61 years of age or younger) - $1,500
    (Can be paid in full or over four year period of $375 per year)

  • Golden Life Membership (62 years of age & beyond) - $600
    (Can be paid in full or over four year period of $150 per year)

    *Cost of Chapter dues are determined by local membership (for information please contact your local Chapter President)

The Alumni Pledge

As an alumnus/alumna of the University,
I commit myself to uphold the ideals
of Lincoln and to reflect its teaching. 
My voice and my hands shall exalt and 
preserve its good name.

I shall be responsible, active,
courageous and self-sacrificing
in every effort to establish
for my Alma Mater an even higher
place in its service to teaching, to
discovering, and to disseminating useful
knowledge among men and women of
the state, the nation, the earth.